Frogs of the South Coast (NSW)
CLASS: Amphibia (Amphibians)
ORDER: Salientia (Frogs)
FAMILY: Myobatrachidae
GENUS: Adelotus
SPECIES: Adelotus brevis (Tusked Frog)
GENUS: Crinia
SPECIES: Crinia signifera (Eastern Froglet)
GENUS: Limnodynastes
Limnodynastes dumerilii (Eastern Banjo Frog)
Limnodynastes peronii (Brown Striped Frog)
Limnodynastes tasmanienis (Spotted Grass Frog)
GENUS: Mixophyes
SPECIES: Mixophyes balbus (no common name)
GENUS: Paracrinia
SPECIES: Paracrinia haswelli (Haswell's Frog)
GENUS: Pseudophryne
Pseudophryne bibronii (Brown Toadlet)
Pseudophryne dendyi (no common name)
GENUS: Uperoleia
Uperoleia laevigata (no common name)
Uperoleia tyleri (no common name)
FAMILY: Hylidae
GENUS: Litoria
Litoria aurea (Green & Gold Bell Frog)
Litoria caerulea (Green Tree Frog)
Litoria citropa (Blue Mountains Tree Frog)
Litoria dentata (Bleating Tree Frog)
Litoria ewingii (Brown Tree Frog)
Litoria fallax (Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog)
Litoria freycineti (Freycinet's Frog)
Litoria jervisiensis (Jervis Bay Tree Frog)
Litoria lesueuri (Leseur's Frog)
Litoria peronii (Peron's Tree Frog)
Litoria phyllochroa (Leaf Green Tree Frog)
Litoria tyleri (no common name)
Litoria verreauxii (no common name)