Pygopodidae (Snake lizards): They appear snake or worm like with no forelimbs and only a scaly flap at most where the rear limbs would be. Most have external ear openings and tails that range from 1 to 3 times there body length (tail can be dropped).
They have a broad fleshy tongue which is notched at the tip, unlike snakes they do not have enlarged belly scales.
Pygopus lepidopodus
(Common Scaly-foot):
Colour varies from grey, olive to red-brown, they can be patternless or have flecks and some are even striped. Snout to vent average length is 150mm but can reach 250-270mm.
They range from wet forest to semi-arid areas, they are Diurnal and Terrestrial and can be found under stones, logs, debris and bushes.
Diet consists mainly of spiders and insects.