Varanidae (Goanna's): 4 species live in NSW 2 of these on the South Coast. They have long forked tongues which are constantly moving, powerful legs & sharp curved claws. They have long necks and dull rough loose skin.
Varanus varius (Lace Monitor): A broadly banded blue-black / cream-yellow patterning, known to reach over 2 metres in length but averages around 1350 mm. Habitat is coastal rainforest and grassy woodlands. Diurnal and arboreal will usually take to the trees if disturbed. Feeds on insects, birds, mammals, carrion and other reptiles.
Varanus rosenbergi (Heath Monitor): Quite striking as juveniles but adults usually dull grey with white to yellow spots and blackish cross-bands from back of neck to end of tail.
Known to grow over a metre in length but usually around 900mm.
Prefers forest and heathland, Diurnal and Terrestial.
Feeds mainly on insects, small mammals, birds and other reptiles.