Gekkonidae (Geckos): They are usually small, less than 150mm in length with 5 digits on their 4 well developed limbs.
The different species have claws and some have toe pads for climbing, they have small, dull non overlapping scales, some in the form of spines or tubercles.
They have large prominent eyes with no moveable eyelid, their tails which are a wide variety of shapes and sizes, are easily cast off but when re-grown usually appear different to the original.
Geckos are nocturnal, have large thick fleshy tongues and are capable of vocalisation making barking or rasping noises.
There are 26 different Geckos found in NSW but only a few are found occuring on the South Coast.
Diplodactylus vittatus
(Stone Gecko):
This Gecko is found to the south of Sydney but not on the far south coast.
Brown to grey upper body with a lighter coloured zig-zag stripe along the mid back, from the tail to the lighter coloured head. Underbelly is light grey. Average length is around 50mm.
Found from forest areas to arid scrub, Nocturnal and Terrestial it can be found beneath stones and logs and in stumps and hollow logs.
Diet consists mainly of small beetles, spiders and cockroaches.