Myobatrachidae (Known as Southern Frogs)
Heleioporus australiacus (Giant Burrowing Frog): Dark brown above with white or yellow spots on sides, white below with brownish throat in places.
Skin is lumpy, Adult males having warts with black spines on sides and back. Grows to around 95 mm. Believed to live in burrows in the banks of streams and creeks.
Limnodynastes peronii (Brown-Striped Frog): Usually light brown above with dark stripes and spots, a dark stripe from the sides of the snout around the eye to the shoulder area. White below with some brown spots. Toes almost entirely free of webbing. Grows to around 65 mm.
Usually found in permanent water, streams, swamps, marshes, dams and regularly found in suburban backyard ponds.
Hylidae (Known mainly as Tree Frogs)
Litoria aurea (Green and Golden Bell Frog): Olive to Emerald green with large blotches of brown to gold, a narrow black stripe from the nostril through the eye and down the side of the body, limbs mainly brown to gold, whitish colour underneath. Smooth skin with disks on fingers and toes, back feet almost fully webbed.
Grows to around 85 mm.
Usually found around permanent water, streams, swamps, marshes and ponds.
Litoria fallax (Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog): Usually solid green or fawn above but occasionally with darker flecks. Thigh area usually bright orange inside. Grows to around 25 mm. Inhabits vegetation and floating plants in and around creeks, ponds and swamps. Sometimes found well away from water.
Litoria lesueuri (Leseur's Frog): Fawn to brown above sometimes with darker brown spots or patches and with a black stripe from the snout back past the eye and down behind the forelimbs. Groin area is yellow blotched with black. Some specimens look yellow in appearance. Whitish colouring below. Grows to around 70 mm.
A terrestial,nocturnal frog found living in dry brush, heathland to rainforest often a long distance from water.