Elapidae (Elapids): There are 35 species of Elapids in NSW of these 15 are found in the South Coast area. They vary greatly in size and appearance but all have fangs at the front of the upper jaw and all are venomous.
Furina diadema (Red-naped Snake)
Red-brown in colour with dark edged scales, head and neck are shiny black with a red/orange patch on nape. Belly is white to creamy in colour.
Grows to around 45 cm. but usually around 35 cm.
They are found in dry forests and grasslands,living in hollow logs, termite mounds and under rocks.
Terrestrial and nocturnal they are believed to feed almost exclusively on skinks. Considered harmless to humans.
Pseudonaja textilis
(Eastern Brown Snake)
Ranges in colour from pale grey-brown to dark brown, belly is cream to yellow with orange or grey blotches. Have been known to reach 230 cm. but average is around 130 cm.
Inhabits dry forests, grasslands and arid areas.
Terrestrial and diurnal this is a fast moving snake that feeds mainly on lizards, small mammals and frogs.
Highly Venomous can deliver a fatal bite.
Pseudechis porphyriacus
(Red-bellied Black Snake)
Shiny black in colour with dull red under-belly, some individuals with a lighter snout. A thick set snake reaching up to 2.5 metres but usually only around half that size. Normally found near creeks, swamps, rivers and lakes.
Terrestrial and diurnal often found under large rocks and timber will flatten neck and body if provoked, diet consists of frogs, fish, reptiles and small mammals.
Venomous bite is normally not fatal but has been known to cause death.